WWI Update

Hello Again!!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I’ve been busy with the new show. The new paintings are going very well but slower than I would like. That’s par for the course these days.

Anyway, Joe and I recently visited Camp Borden in Barrie for a private tour of the facilities and the museum located on the base. Very interesting to say the least. Honorary Colonel Peter Lorimer was our chaperone for the tour and I was thrilled and somewhat bewildered as to his last name. Coincidence maybe???

Camp Borden is the birthplace of Canadian flight during WWI where all pilot training took place. We were treated like royalty during our stay. I guess they really appreciate the interest we’re drumming up. They seemed quite interested in our undertaking and were only too happy to assist us in our cause.

Next up is the Air Force Base in Trenton, Canada’s largest air base. We hope to be visiting Trenton very soon where I’ll try to gather more research material on how flight influenced the war.

Below are two recent pieces from the show. Enjoy!











One response to “WWI Update

  1. OMG…You are amazing!
    I am always astonished with your work my friend.

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